Vinyl Conditioner

Vinyl Plastic Conditioner by Leather Magic!

Vinyl Plastic Conditioner

LM2006 Vinyl Plastic Conditioner


Vinyl Plastic Conditioner

Preserves, Protects and Beautifies all Vinyl Upholstery and Plastic Trim: 

Auto Upholstery & Plastic Trim, Furniture, Vinyl Jackets & Clothing, Luggage & Handbags, Sports Equipment ... and much more!

Leather Magic!™ Vinyl Plastic Conditioner protects Vinyl from cracking and premature aging, by providing the essential oils and lubrication that it needs to remain soft and supple. It is made from glycerines and the finest oils and penetrates easily into the finish of Vinyl providing natural lubrication to protect the fabric from cracking under friction and UV exposure. Contains no Silicones or Heavy Oils which can damage Vinyl. Leaves no oily residue. Available in: High Lustre, for a shiny, high gloss finish. Use Vinyl Conditioner regularly to keep your Vinyl looking and performing its' best.

Available in two styles:  

High Lustre - Produces a relatively glossy sheen to the surface of Vinyl and Plastic Upholstery & Trim

Low Lustre - Produces a more flat, dull sheen to the surface of Vinyl and Plastic Upholstery & Trim

Directions: Shake well. Make certain that the Vinyl is clean before applying conditioner. Clean the Vinyl first by using Leather Magic!™  Vinyl Cleaner. Apply the conditioner with a damp cloth, towel or sponge covering the entire area well. Allow to stand for several minutes, then wipe off any excess and buff with a clean, dry cloth. Always test Vinyl Conditioner on a hidden area before general application. This product is not recommended for use on leather.

Available Sizes:

8 oz.: $12.95

16oz: $18.95

32 oz.: $29.95

Gallon: $74.95