Solid Stock Furniture Colors

Solid Stock Furniture Colors

The following list of colors are stock colors that have been compiled from actual manufacturers samples.  You may find a color on this list that will fit your project perfectly. Browse through the list and when you find a color that you desire, simply double click on the color ID inside the color box and copy that number.  Paste the number into the "Color Choice" box on your order form at check out and your order will be processed immediately.  We have diligently tried to replicate these colors as closely as possible.  However, due to screen resolution and various other factors, these colors may vary from this display somewhat when you receive them.


F5151 Hunter Green



F5172 Teal Green



F9037 Evergreen



F5160 Coriander



F5191 Lt Mint



F9971 Green Apple



F5170 Green



F9009 Melon



F9973 Forest



F5171 Amazon



F9013 Ivy



F5152 Cappicino Mist



F5179 Peach



F5190 Dk Messina Brown



F7591 Saddle



F5164 Mocha



F5182 Santana



F5193 Dark Chocolate



F9014 Brandy



F5166 Latte



F5183 Sunset



F5206 Cognac



F9018 Mango



F5169 Saddle



F5187 Chocolate Brown



F5915 Nutmeg



F9979 Rust



F5153 Oyster



F5162 Off White



F7593 Buff



F9034 Oyster



F5155 Almond



F5167 Gold



F5200 Brownstone



F9203 Pebble



F5156 Ash



F5163 Natural



F9008 Mustard



F9073 Fawn



F5158 Butter



F5168 Sand



F9022 Palliser Camel



F9100 Mink



F5157 Beige



F5196 Blush



F9016 Vanilla



F9955 Oatmeal



F5159  Camel



F5188 Mushroom



F9023 Palliser Sand



F5161 Khaki



F7009 Ivory



F9031 White



F5154 Cream



F5165 Buckskin



F5189 Sorrento Bronze



F9030 Buttercup



F5173 Iceberg



F5205 Nordic Blue



F9917 Blueberry



F5174 Blue



F5208 Royal Blue



F9948 Cobalt



F5175 Navy Blue



F9017 Twilight



F5176 Vintage Blue



F9039 Navy



F5177 Cranberry



F5184 Wine



F9926 Claret



F5178 Cardinal



F5192 Raisin



F9972 Bordeaux



F9025 Grape



F5180 Mauve



F5207 Iris



F9978 Violet



F5181 Dark Pink



F9007 Rouge



F9970 Cherry



F9974 Stone



F5185 Soft Black



F5186 Soft White



S101 Pure White



S110 Black