NuBuck Suede Leather Care Kit

NuBuck Suede Leather Care Kit by Leather Magic!

NuBuck Suede Leather Care Kit

LM1045 NuBuck Suede Leather Care Kit

Cleans, Beautifies and protects all NuBuck and Suede Leather:

Furniture Upholstery, Leather Jackets and Clothing, Luggage and Handbags, Horse Tack and Saddles, Sports Equipment 
… and much more!

Now you can obtain an affordable kit that does everything for leather that you want it to do!

Specifically designed for NuBuck and Suede Leather!

Leather Magic!™ NuBuck Leather Cleaner cleans your leather to remove dirt and oils that have built up in every day use. Leather Magic!™ NuBuck Leather Conditioner protects your leather by providing lubricants and oils that your leather needs to remain soft and supple. It prevents cracking and protects from soiling and staining. But when stains do occur, Leather Magic!™ Ink and Stain Remover will get it out! Special cleaning brush is included in the kit to assure proper cleaning methods are used to prevent damage to your leather during the cleaning process and restore the knapp of the leather.

Complete Kit includes:
1-8oz Bottle of Leather Cleaner
1-8oz Bottle of Leather Conditioner
1-4oz Bottle of Ink and Stain Remover
1- Cleaning & Applicator Brush