Car Interior Color Change

Changing the Color of a Car Interior Project using the Leather Magic Leather Recoloring Kit:

LM-1003 Leather Recoloring Kit

Leather Recoloring Kit

Sometimes it becomes necessary to find a way to change the color of a car interior.  Replacement parts are rarely the same color as the original interior color and will require a complete re-dying or "painting" of the new piece.  Other times, a totally different color may be desired.  In either case, Leather Magic! can provide you with everything that you will need to change the color of your cars' interior.  This process can be performed easily and permanently with the Leather Magic! Leather ReColoring Kit.

With the Standard Kit, you will be able to completely change the color of any Top Coated/Protected leather on the seats,, door panels, steering wheel or trim of your vehicle.  You may even go from black to white or vice versa.

Semi Aniline and NuBuck type leathers, such as those found in the Ford King Ranch series, are not quite as forgiving.  Although a color change may be successfully completed, a dramatic change, (say from black to white, green to red) is not possible.  This is due to the fact that in order to keep the leather in its' original soft condition, aniline dyes must be used.  These dyes do not have the opacity as our regular color coats and, even though they will make a permanent change to the leather color, they will not assume the same appearance due to the transparency of aniline dyes.  This fact will limit your choices to choosing a color that is slightly darker than the original.  The Aniline Leather Recoloring Kit will be used in these situations.

Watch the progress of a BMW interior change from Black to Tan!:

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Original Black BMW Interior

Original Black BMW Interior

Changing the Color of a Car Door Panel

First Coat Applied After Prep Work Has Been Completed

Changing the Color of a Car Door Panel

Close Up of First Coat

Changing the Color of a Car Door Panel

Great Job! From Black to Tan & Looks Original!