Leather Cleaners  specifically designed for your type of leather

Leather Magic!™ Leather Cleaners maintain structural integrity while keeping leather looking and performing its' best!  Ph balanced and formulated to be fully compatible with every type of leather.

Leather is a tough material, but fragile at the same time.  Using a Leather Cleaner that is specifically formulated for your particular type of leather is crucial!  The wrong leather cleaner can permanently stain or damage fine leather and cause it to become stiff, look old, dingy and undesirable,  and can even cause premature aging and breakdown of the fibers.

Leather Magic!™ Leather Cleaners are Ph Balanced for perfect compatibility with leather and are formulated with ingredients that promote the structure and longevity of your investment. This preserves the original softness and feel of the leather while preventing drying out. It can be difficult to know exactly which type of leather you have.  Leather Magic!™ manufactures leather cleaners for every type of leather. For help in determining your particular leather type, and to ensure that you get the correct one, please Click Here.

Leather Cleaner

Leather Cleaner for All "Top Coated"/"Protected" Leather

Use on all "Top Coated", "Protected", "Corrected", "Top Grained" Leather found in Car Upholstery, Furniture, Leather Jackets and more!  Click Here for full details.

Semi Aniline Leather Cleaner

Semi Aniline Leather Cleaner

Use on Semi-Aniline, "Pull-Up" and Unfinished leather Click Here for full details.

NuBuck/Suede Leather Cleaner

Suede Leather Cleaner NuBuck Cleaner

Use on All NuBuck or Suede Leather.  Click Here for full details.

Leather Cleaner & Conditioner Combo Pack

Leather Cleaner Conditioner Combo Pack

A Convenient Combo Pack for Easy Cleaning & Conditioning Click Here for full details

Ink Remover for Leather

Ink & Stain Remover

Ink & Stain Remover For Leather

Safely removes Ink, Water based Paint and a lot more from leather.  Click Here for details

Make Sure to Choose the Correct Leather Cleaner for Your Application

Leather, like anything else will get soiled and dirty with use.  Therefore, using the proper product is very important. Leather must be treated carefully, using leather cleaners that are specific to your leather type.  Leather Cleaning Leatheris tough but fragile at the same time. If the wrong cleaners and chemicals are used to perform regular cleaning and maintenance activities, you may end up with results that look rather good, but in reality, may leave a lot to be desired.  What you cannot see, is the slow deterioration of the structural fibers breaking down, weakening, and prematurely wearing out.  Ultimately, a piece of leather that is capable of providing you with 20 - 25 years of service, now is only able to last 3 - 5 years or less!

Different types of leather require different types of leather cleaners!

Leather Furniture Cleaners must be chosen for the specific type of leather your furniture or other item is upholstered with. Some are more fragile than others and may be easily stained or damaged by using the wrong cleaning and maintenance products. Manufacturers labeling will sometimes help but can also be very misleading and in some cases, completely ineffective in helping you with choosing the correct maintenance products. Some simple tests that you can perform prior to purchasing any maintenance product will definitively tell you what you need.  Click Here to find out what these simple tests are.

Automotive Interiors & Trim

Car Leather,  is primarily a “Top Coated/Protected” leather  and will require our regular Leather Cleaner since these leathers are most generally made with a more hard wearing type of finish. Leather Types

Some auto manufacturers will use other leather types in combination with Top Coated leather strictly for appearance or aesthetic value. The most common being NuBuck or Suede.  A number of years ago, some car makers tried using semi-aniline leather combinations but quickly dropped that idea due to the inappropriate application in this environment.

Jacket & Clothing, Purses & Handbags

Jacket & Clothing, Purses & Handbags, Shoes and other leather items will fall into the same category as furniture.  All different leather types are used and tests may be needed to determine the type.

Equestrian Leather

Equestrian leather will almost always require "Top Coated" products.  Even though the leather is, in most cases, made from "unfinished" leather, the environment to which it is exposed requires that a much more durable and Saddlestronger maintenance product be used. Some saddles will use Suede or NuBuck as trim. These areas will require the use of NuBuck/Suede products.

So, before you purchase any leather care products for any of these items, it will be necessary to determine the exact type of leather that you have.

For help in determining the type of leather that you have, CLICK HERE or HERE.

One last note: Products that claim to be "Cleaner and Conditioner" should be avoided. They will not necessarily harm leather, but, they are, in reality, very ineffective. True leather conditioner is made with oils but leather cleaners are made with detergents specifically meant to break down and dissolve oils.  When the two are combined, as they are with Cleaner/Conditioners, they cancel each other out. The oils dilute the cleaning ability of the detergents, and the detergents dilute the oils so that they no longer produce the lubricating properties they are meant to.