General Motors Interior Colors

Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC, Pontiac, Saturn

Click on each color image to see a larger view and to find which vehicles these colors apply to. Please highlight the color ID directly below the box of the color you require and copy the ID onto your clipboard so that it may be pasted onto your order form when placing your order.  We have tried to reproduce these colors as accurately as possible.  Please keep in mind that color representations may vary depending upon screen monitor settings, browsers and many different factors.  We can provide you with factory original colors based upon "Color Name" only.  Trim codes do not necessarily provide us with sufficient information to identify the correct interior color for your application.  To obtain the correct "color name", you may check the specification or "build" sheet that came with the vehicle for the trim color "name".  If that is not available, please contact your local dealership and provide them with the VIN number of your vehicle.  The interior or "trim color name" can be retrieved through their computer system.  If you do not see your particular color listed on this chart, please read the information at the bottom of this page. If you need additional assistance or have any questions, you may contact us and we will be happy to help

S110 Pure Black

GM114 Med RedGM114 Med Red

GM4545 Med Maroon (Allante)GM4545 Med Maroon

GM6215 GarnetGM6215 Garnet Red

GM6538 Dk GrayGM 6538 Dk Gray

GM6693 GraphiteGM6693 Graphite

GM6758 Lt GrayGM6758 Lt Gray

GM6981 Med NeutralGM6981 Med Neutral

GM7179 Med Dk PewterGM7179 Med Dk Pewter

GM7191 V Dk GrayGM7191 Very Dk Gray

GM7291 Torch RedGM7291 Torch Red

GM7426 Med Dk NeutralGM7426 Med Dk Neutral

GM7562 TitaniumGM7562 Titanium

GM7462 Lt CashmereGM7705 Lt Cashmere

GM7778 CocoaGM7778 Cocoa

GM7877 BrickGM7877 Brick

GM7922 ChoccachinoGM7922 Choccachino

GM7964 Dune

GM7986 Dk AtmosphereGM7986 Dk Atmosphere

GM8062 Med Atmosphere

GM8101 CinnamonGM8101 Cinnamon

GM8114 BrandyGM8114 Brandy

GM8841 Dk Sapphire

GM18 CharcoalGM18 Charcoal

GM561 Saddle (Allante)

GM4619 Lt Smoke GrayGM4619 Lt Smoke Gray

GM6339 BeechwoodGM6339 Beechwood

GM6680 Adriatic BlueGM6680 Adriatic Blue

GM6694 Med GreyGM6694 Med Gray

GM6821 Ruby RedGM6821 Ruby Red

GM6984 Cappuccino CreamGM6984 Cappuccino Cream

GM7182 Lt OakGM7182 Lt Oak

GM7237 Lt WheatGM7237 Lt Wheat

GM7292 EbonyGM7292 Ebony

GM7463 Med WheatGM7463 Med Wheat

GM7567 M CashmereGM7567 Med Cashmere

GM7709 V DK CashmereGM7709 V Dk Cashmere

GM7783 Lt TitaniumGM7783 Lt Titanium

GM7890 BrownstoneGM7890 Brownstone

GM7938 Camel TanGM7938 Caramel Tan

GM7965 Dk Ash GrayGM7965 Dk Ash Gray

GM8021 Jet BlackGM8021 Jet Black

GM8063 FigGM8063 Fig

GM8103 KalahariGM8103 Kalahari

GM8117 Loft BrownGM8117 Loft Brown

GM622 Saddle

GM40 WhiteGM40 White

GM2818 Cobalt RedGM2818 Cobalt Red

GM4596 BuckskinGM4957 Buckskin

GM6342 AntelopeGM6342 Antelope

GM6690 Med BeigeGM6690 Med Beige

GM6695 Lt BeigeGM6695 Lt Beige

GM6823 Arctic WhiteGM6823 Arctic White

GM6985 ShaleGM6985 Shale

GM7189 Med Dk OakGM7189 Med Dk Oak

GM7287 Med Dk SableGM7287 Med Dk Sable

GM7345 V Dk PewterGM7345 V Dk Pewter

GM7496 Lt Steel GrayGM7496 Lt Steel Gray

GM7635 Med Oak

GM7714 Med Dk CashmereGM7714 Med Dk Cashmere

GM7785 Dk TitaniumGM7785 Dk Titanium

GM7985 V Lt CashmereGM7895 V Lt Cashmere

GM7950 MohaveGM7950 Mojave

GM7984 Pillion BrownGM7984 Pillion Brown

GM8022 Saddle UpGM8022 Saddle Up

GM8064 Adrenaline RedGM8064 Adrenaline Red

GM8106 Ceramic WhiteGM8106 Ceramic White

GM8121 Lt PlatinumGM8121 Lt Platinum

GM662 Camel

GM54 TaupeGM54 Taupe (Allante)

GM2831 MorrocoGM2831  Morocco

GM6116 CarmineGM6116 Carmine

GM6461 Flame RedGM6461 Flame Red

GM6691 Lt NeutralGM6691 Lt Neutral

GM6698 Lt Natural BeigeGM6698 Lt Natural Beige

GM6973 NavyGM6973 Navy Blue

GM7124 Med PewterGM7124 Med Pewter

GM7190 Regal BlueGM7190 Regal Blue

GM7290 Tuxedo BlueGM7290 Tuxedo Blue

GM7350 Accent OakGM7350 Accent Oak

GM7499 Med Dk CashmereGM7499 Med Dk Cashmere

GM7667 Dk Oak

GM7774 Med TitaniumGM7774 Med Titanium

GM7807 Bahia OrangeGM7807 Bahia Orange

GM7896 V Lt LinenGM7896 V Lt Linen

GM7963 Twilight BlueGM7963 Twilight Blue

GM7985 MinkGM7985 Mink

GM8024 M Ash GrayGM8024 Med Ash Gray

GM8069 Lt Ash GrayGM8069 Lt Ash Gray

GM8107 V Dk AtmosphereGM8107 V Dk Atmosphere

GM8696 Firethorn Red