Deluxe Leather Repair Kit by Leather Magic!

Deluxe Leather Repair Kit

Deluxe Leather Repair Kit

LM-3001 Deluxe Leather Repair Kit

Deluxe Professional Style Leather Repair Kit

Now, you can have the ultimate in Leather Restoration.  Our Deluxe Leather Repair Kit will provide you with all of the professional grade materials you will need to make permanent, invisible repairs to damaged leather, and replace the finish as well!

Best of all...We mix the color for you!


Our Leather Repair compound provides the strongest repairs possible, by permanently bonding to the edges and surface of the leather. This repair compound has been formulated to remain extremely soft and flexible,and recreate the natural look and feel of even the finest leathers. Repair cuts up to 4” long, and holes up to 2” diameter (larger repairs will require additional materials. Please call us for details). Enough Colorant Material is included to cover the seating area of a regular sized sofa or two front bucket seats in automotive applications.

After you have completed the repair, you will then be able to completely cover over the damaged area with a new color coating. This color coating will blend the new finish into the surrounding leather, and create a completely invisible repair that matches the original leather. This combination will produce Professional quality results that you will be proud to have done yourself!

Best of all, we mix the color for you! Simply choose from one of our custom mixed colors from our color charts, or provide us with a sample of the color that you need. We will mix the color to your specific requirements. Click Here to find out where to send your sample and order information.

This kit contains:

.5 oz. Leather Repair Compound

4 oz. Leather Prep
Palette Knife
.25 oz Leather Adhesive
Sub patchLeather Insert
Sandpaper6 oz. Premixed Color Coat
Preval Spray UnitStep-by Step Instructions
Applicator Brush2 oz. Leather Cleaner
2 oz Leather Conditioner

Obtain your Color ID Number from our Color Charts and paste into the Color Choice box or Click Here for the address to send your sample.

If you prefer to send a sample for custom color matching, please download the Color Swatch Inquiry form. Fill it out and print it. Attach your sample and mail it to the address located on the form.

There will be an additional fee of $18.00 for custom colors, and an additional fee of $24.00 for all custom two tone colors.
Once you have placed your order, Retain your order number and include this with your sample. Your order will be processed as soon as we receive your sample.