Deluxe Pro Style Leather Repair Kit

Professional Style Leather Repair Kit

LM-3001 Deluxe Leather Repair Kit

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Deluxe Professional Style Leather Repair Kit

Our Pro Style Deluxe Leather Repair Kit will provide you with the exact same materials and process that our technicians, and hundreds of other professionals around the world use. And, we place a "LIFETIME GUARANTEE" on every leather repair we do!

Thats great, but, what does that mean to you?  One very important thing: If we are that confident in the  product....Then you can be as well.

Just because the Deluxe Leather Repair Kit is a miniaturized version of our professional system that doesn't mean that it is complicated to use.  In fact, just the opposite! Anyone can do it with nothing more than the ability to read instructions, and a little patience.  Everything you will need is included in the kit.  And, Best of all, we mix the color for you! Simply choose from one of our custom mixed colors from our color charts, or provide us with a sample of the color that you need. We will mix the color to your specific requirements. Click Here to find out where to send your sample and order information.

The Deluxe Leather Repair Kit provides you with all the materials to repair any type of damage found on all of the more popular leather types.  We do not recommend that it be used on NuBuck or Suede.  Although the kit is capable of repairing these types of leather as well, the techniques involved in making a cosmetically appealing repair are complicated and difficult to master.  The repair compound has been formulated to remain extremely soft and flexible to recreate the natural function and feel of even the finest leathers. Repair cuts up to 4” long, and holes up to 2” diameter (larger repairs can be performed but will require additional materials. Please call us for details).  The Colorant Material included in the kit comes in a 200cc (6.75 oz) bottle and has been proven, by independent testing labs, to be the strongest, most durable and natural feeling finish replacement material on the market.  The product is a highly modified water based polyurethane that far outlasts even the original finish of the leather. There is enough colorant material in the kit to cover the seating area of a regular sized sofa or two front bucket seats in automotive applications.

Leather Magic!™ Deluxe Leather Repair Kit is a total Leather Restoration System to repair nearly any type of  torn, cracked, scratched , burned or damaged leather.  It has also been designed to act as a Leather Finish restoration system to repair surface scratches, sun faded leather, stains and all other finish damage that may occur.  It is a complete package that will make your leather like new again!

Instructions for Placing Your Order:

Obtain your Color ID Number from our Color Charts .  Copy and paste the ID Number under the appropriate color photo into the Color Choice box or if you want a custom mixed color, type: "Sending a Sample" in the box.

If you prefer to send a sample for custom color matching, please download the Color Swatch Inquiry form. Fill it out and print it. Attach your sample and mail it to the address located on the form.

There will be an additional fee of $18.00 for custom colors, and an additional fee of $24.00 for all custom two tone colors.
Once you have placed your order, Retain your order number and include this with your sample. Your order will be processed as soon as we receive your sample.

This kit contains:

1 oz. Leather Repair Compound 

Palette Knife 

Sub patch 


Preval Spray Unit 

Applicator Brush 

2 oz Leather Conditioner

4 oz. Leather Prep 

.25 oz Leather Adhesive 

Leather Insert

6 oz. Premixed Color Coat

Step-by Step Instructions

2 oz. Leather Cleaner

If you have a large project, These additional items may be very useful: