Chrysler Interior Colors

Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep Interior Colors

Mouse over or tap the "Info" link under each color photo to see which vehicles these colors apply to. Please highlight the color ID directly below the box of the color you require and copy the ID onto your clipboard so that it may be pasted onto your order form when placing your order.  We have tried to reproduce these colors as accurately as possible.  Please keep in mind that color representations may vary depending upon screen monitor settings, browsers and many different factors.  We can provide you with factory original colors based upon "Color Name" only.  Trim codes do not necessarily provide us with sufficient information to identify the correct interior color for your application.  To obtain the correct "color name", you may check the specification or "build" sheet that came with the vehicle for the trim color "name".  If that is not available, please contact your local dealership and provide them with the VIN number of your vehicle.  The interior or "trim color name" can be retrieved through their computer system.  If you do not see your particular color listed on this chart, please read the information at the bottom of this page. If you need additional assistance or have any questions, you may contact us and we will be happy to help.

S110 Pure Black

Chrysler CH4880 Med CamelCH4880 Med Camel

CH4880 Med Camel Info

Chrysler Mist GrayCH7035 Mist Gray

CH7035 Mist Gray Info

Chrysler Dk TaupeCH7337 Dk Taupe

CH7337 Dk Taupe Info

Chrysler Med KhakiCH7426 Med Khaki

CH7426 Med Khaki Info

Chrysler Lt GraystoneCH7455 Lt Graystone

CH7455 Lt Graystone Info

Chrysler Dk KhakiCH7685 Dk Khaki

CH7685 Dk Khaki Info

Chrysler Pastel Pebble BeigeCH7740 Pastel Pebble Beige

CH7740 Pastel Pebble Beige Info

Chrysler TanCH7840 Tan

CH7840 Tan Info

Chrysler Dk SaddleCH7848T Dk Saddle (Two-Part)

CH7848TT Dk Saddle Info

Chrysler Dk Frost BeigeCH7884 Dk Frost Beige

CH7884 Dk Frost Beige Info

Chrysler Diesel GrayCH7942 Diesel Gray

CH7942 Diesel Gray Info

Chrysler Dk MochaCH7977 Dk Mocha

CH7977 Dk Mocha Info

Jeep Sky GrayCH8120 Sky Gray

CH8120 Sky Gray Info

Chrysler TangerineCH2814 Tangerine

CH2814 Tangerine Info

Chrysler Med TaupeCH6507 Med Taupe

CH6507 Med Taupe Info

Chrysler Lt NeutralCH7196 Lt Neutral

CH7196 Lt Neutral Info

Chrysler CreamCH7339 Cream

CH7339 Cream Info

Chrysler Seamist GreenCH7427 Deep Seamist Green

CH7427 Seamist Green Info

CH7548T Saddle Brown(Two-Tone Color)

CH7548TT Saddle Brown Info

Chrysler KhakiCH7703 Khaki

CH7703 Khaki Info

Chrysler Lt Pebble BeigeCH7771 Lt Pebble Beige

CH7771 Lt Pebble Beige Info

Chrysler New SaddleCH7844T New Saddle (Two-Part Color)

CH7844T New Saddle Info

Chrysler Dk SaddleCH7848S Dk Saddle (Solid Color)

CH7848S Dk Saddle Info

Chrysler Radar RedCH7891 Radar Red

CH7891 Radar Red Info

Jeep BrownCH7959 Jeep Brown

CH7959 Jeep Brown

Chrysler Ambassador BlueCH7978 Ambassador Blue

CH7978 Ambassador Blue Info

CH3978 Navy Blue

CH3978 Navy Blue Info

Chrysler Pastel Slate GreyCH6688 Pastel Slate Grey

CH6688 Pastel Slate Grey Info

CH7197 Taupe

CH7197 Taupe Info

Chrysler Lt TaupeCH7340 Lt Taupe

CH7430 Lt Taupe Info

Chrysler BlackCH7428 Black

CH7428 Black Info

CH7548S Saddle Brown (Solid Color)

CH7548S Saddle Brown Info

Chrysler SlateCH7711 Slate

CH7711 Slate Info

Chrysler Med GraystoneCH7826 Med Graystone

CH7826 Med Graystone Info

Chrysler New SaddleCH7844S New Saddle (Solid Color)

CH7844S New Saddle

Chrysler PearlCH7881 Pearl

CH7881 Pearl Info

Chrysler Lt KhakiCH7892 Lt Khaki

CH7892 Lt Khaki Info

Chrysler IndigoCH7960 Indigo

CH7960 Indigo Info

Dodge Canyon BrownCH8025 Canyon Brown

CH8025 Canyon Brown Info

Volvo VS70 WhiteCH4325 White

Chrysler AgateCH6918 Agate

CH6918 Agate Info

Chrysler Dark SlateCH7335 Dk Slate

CH7335 Dk Slate Info

Chrysler Lt Slate GrayCH7363 Lt Slate

CH7363 Lt Slate Info

Chrysler Med PebbleCH7540 Med Pebble

CH7540 Med Pebble Info

Chrysler SandstoneCH7632 Sandstone

CH7632 Sandstone Info

Chrysler Lt ShaleCH7718 Lt Shale

CH7718 Lt Shale Info

Chrysler Lt Frost BeigeCH7839 Lt Frost Beige

CH7839 Lt Frost Beige Info

Chrysler Dk OliveCH7847 Dk Olive

CH7847 Dk Olive Info

Chrysler Med Frost BeigeCH7882 Med Frost Beige

CH7882 Med Frost Beige Info

Chrysler Med SlateCH7893 Med Slate

CH7893 Med Slate Info

Chrysler LinenCH7976 Linen

CH7976 Linen Info

Chrysler SandstormCH8073 Sandstorm

CH8073 Sandstorm Info

If you do not see your color listed on this chart:

The samples which we match our colors to have been obtained from upholstery and trim sample books, provided by or authorized by, the individual car makers.  If you do not see your color listed here, it may be due to the fact that we do not have an accurate sample to match to.  Some of the samples that we have in our library have been collected from actual vehicles already in service.  These samples may have been collected by our field technicians as they performed restoration services on theses cars, or by the actual owners, wishing to perform restorations themselves.  These samples have been collected from inconspicuous areas and are free from dirt, wear and fading.  If you wish to send us a sample of a color that is not listed, please feel free to do so.  You will not only get the exact color for your vehicle, but you will also be helping others with the same situation by aiding us in providing exact color matches for even the most obscure colors.  If you do wish to send a sample, our address and contact information may be found here.